PS Vita Exclusive Freedom Wars Gets New Info, Screenshots and Artwork

PS Vita Exclusive Freedom Wars Gets New Info, Screenshots and Artwork

Today Sony Computer Entertainment Japan revealed some more information about the PS Vita exclusive Freedom Wars in development at Sony Japan Studio and due out in Japan in 2004.

We learn that the main characters are “criminals” born in one of the Panopticon cities with a preemptive one million years prison sentence (that’s the meaning of the number displayed on the head of every character). They will be forced to serve their sentence as “volunteers” in the war that tears the world in order to reduce their sentence.

Evry criminal is accompanied by an “Accessory”, which is an android that follows him everywhere to monitor his actions and measure his remaining sentence. The accessory also acts as a partner in battle and can be fully customized with different faces, hairstyles, costumes, dialogue styles, voices and AI attitudes. It will be possible to exchange Accessory data with other players.

We also get to know that the game will offer a wide variety of weapons like rifles, greatswords, gatling guns, and a further kind called “Burner Kukri” (that is probably the jet-powered knife used by the protagonist in the trailer we saw two days ago to cut the monster’s arm).

The Multiplayer gameplay will be able to host up to eight players at the same time in ad-hoc or infrastructure mode in order to cooperatively fight against the giant monsters named “Abductors”. The goal to reduce a player’s sentence will include defeating the Abductors and releasing the captured citizens, and will be a major condition for clearing the game. Gameplay will include literally tearing apart the enemies and ripping pieces off them.

Basically we’ll get to fight and dismember giant monsters for freedom alongside our friends and own, dress up and customize our personal doll. What’s not to love? Wait until the internet pundits start complaining about objectification of androids…

Below you can see some artwork and screenshots released today, showing one of the protagonists of the game (Named Togabito – Male, meaning that probably there are male and female characters to select), his Accessory, a battle scene and some of the weapons.