PS Vita Exclusive Freedom Wars Introduces Female Criminals, Male Accessories, Panopticons, New Artwork

on July 19, 2013 3:21 PM

It’s been a while since when we heard something new about the PS Vita exclusive action JRPG by SCE Japan Studio Freedom Wars, but today we get a few new tidbits of information and a batch of new pieces of artwork.

First of all we learn that criminals can also be female, while accessories can also be male. Upon reaching a certain level it’ll be possible to further customize one’s accessory in order to make him or her truly unique.

We also learn something more about the world that serves as setting for the game. The Panopticon cities were built in a world where almost all resources were depleted in order to maximize efficiency. To that end a special absolute legal system called PT Method was put in action. It has complete control of all resources within a Panopticon.

The PT Methiod is seen as the will of the Panopticon, and the legal system is what allowed humanity to continue its history in critical conditions. The body of laws is complete in every detail, and it cover every single element of life within a Panopticon. Nothing is left unregulated.

A struggle for survival has been undertaken in order to build a Panopticon within each region. To help with this sentenced criminals do “volunteer” work every day in order to reduce the enormous penalty they have been burdened with and to recapture their freedom.

Below you can see a gallery with the new artwork, showing a female criminal, her male accessory and a Panopticon.

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