PS Vita Exclusive Freedom Wars Sequel Could Happen if Fans Are Vocal Enough

on March 30, 2015 11:50 PM

Fans of the PS Vita exclusive action RPG Freedom Wars had better clear their throats if they hope for another installment, at least according to one of the producers.

Speaking with Japanese publication Famitsu after a fan-event, Freedom Wars producer Junichi Yoshizawa was asked about whether the team would be bringing back the cast in another installment.

“Whether or not we can make a sequel cannot be decided by my intentions alone, but in the end, it’s important for players to speak up so we can know if that demand exists or not. We’ve had a lot of supportive people at this event, and for that I was really happy.”

It’s a pretty clear statement to be fair; if you want another one, let us know. So if you’re a fan of Freedom Wars and want another action packed adventure to take with you on the go, get on Twitter and Facebook and let them know. Heck, you could even go the old fashioned route with a nicely worded letter of thanks.

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