PS Vita Exclusive Idol Death Game TV Gets First Direct Feed Screenshots

PS Vita Exclusive Idol Death Game TV Gets First Direct Feed Screenshots

Today D3 publisher revealed the first direct feed screenshots of its newly announced PS Vita exclusive Idol Death Game TV, that will be released in Japan on October 20th.

The protagonists of the game belong to the idol group Project 47, that counts over 200 members. It’s the largest idol group ever known due to constant recruitment for over ten years. The members have to participate in a popularity contest held once a tear, named Dream of Dreams.

Participants are divided in team. Team Happy includes members from the Kanto region, while Team Smile comes from Kansai. Inevitably, they’re seen as rivals. Each idol given a position in the “D Ranking” based on the votes of fans and managers. It’s updated once a season.

A few characters are also introduced: Chiharu Chigasaki, Mariko Kamata and Tsukuba Shirase from Team Happy, and Ayaka Tennoji and Marito Karasuma from Team Smile.

Doripaku is the brutal and cunning host of the show. At times he’s cheerful, at times vehement, at times he pretends to be cute. Basically he’s the game’s version of Monokuma.

More characters and Team Passion will be introduced down the line.

Idols compete with each other in a series of challenges to be the last one standing, quite literally, on live TV. Who is dropped depends on the actions of the player, and the story can be enjoyed in action-adventure style from the point of view of each idol.

Each stage starts with Doripaku introducing the challenge, then the player is free to explore the mansion to search items that could give her an advantage. After that there’s the test. If the player wins, she moves to the next stage, otherwise she dies and it’s a game over.

During the exploration of the mansion it’s also possible to interact with other idols and exchange information. It’s important to raise one’s awareness and lower that of the opponents: dirty tactics like exposing scandals are also possible.

When an idol is eliminated, she gets gruesomely killed in the “Death Live,” which is showcased in detail in the gallery below. And yeah, even if the genre is different (this is an action-adventure), Idol Death Game TV definitely comes with some strong Danganronpa vibes.