First Criminal Girls INVITATION Info, Screenshots and Artwork will Make the Pundits Cry

First Criminal Girls INVITATION Info, Screenshots and Artwork will Make the Pundits Cry

Ok here’s a warning: the imagery included in this post can definitely be considered not safe for work in quite a few workplaces. Also, if a large amount of fanservice with some serious BDSM undertones offends you, you better skip this altogether because your head is probably just going to implode.

Still with me? Good. Nippon Ichi Software announced a PS Vita remake of its PSP JRPG Criminal Girls a while ago. The updated and upgraded game is titled Criminal Girls INVITATION  and will be released in Japan on November the 28th. The physical retail copy will cost 5,800 yen, while the downloadable version will take 5,000 yen out of your virtual wallet. No western release has been announced for the moment.

The game is officially defined a “Girl Punishment RPG”, and that’s why I left that disclaimer you read just above. It’s a JRPG…about punishing girls. You read it correctly. I’ll give you a few seconds to let it sink…


The differences with the PSP version (that wasn’t released in the west anyway) are quite deep: A new scenario will be added, a character that wasn’t playable in the PSP version will be made playable, and another will be added. In addition to that, the “Punishment system” will be upgraded in its assets and updated to use the features and controls of the Vita.

The story is pretty simple: seven criminal girls have been gathered in the tower of hell between life and death. A rehabilitation program called “resurrection” has been prepared for them, its goal is to reach the top of the tower. Achieving that goal means making amends for their sins, and maybe being freed in the outside world again.

The player plays the part of the supervisor of the girls, and his mission is to lead them to the top of the tower. However, since the girls are unruly and have very different personalities, the task is difficult, and punishing them is necessary in order to achieve the goal.


Here are the seven girls that were available in the original game (not including the new character):

Sako and Yuko are twin sisters. Sako is hot tempered and reckless, while Yuko is sweet and gentle. Tomoe is elegant, charming and quiet, but her sexy charms can be dangerous. Kisaragi is a stubborn and selfish girl, but strangely grounded on the price and value of things. Alice is a strange girl that can see and hear things that others can’t see or hear. Shin is a quick, clever girl, but she’s often swayed by her biases, so she will antagonize her peers. Ran is a tomboy, strong and daring, she might hit you before she thinks.

Combat  is quite peculiar, as you can’t control the girls directly. The girls will instead “suggest” a course of action during each turn. Depending on each girl’s personality they’ll suggest different actions, so choosing the right suggestion can be crucial to victory.


Out of combat the player will be able to punish the girls to reduce their “sinner half” criminal factor, this is important to rehabilitate them, but also to combat itself. By punishing the girls with options like spanking or the use of electricity (oh boy…) not only they will open their hearts to you, but the range of suggestions available in battle will improve.

The Vita version will include a significant evolution of the punishment system with new minigames, illustrations, voice overs and smooth animations in Live2D. In addition to this, punishment can be performed via the touch screen.

New costumes will also be added in order to improve variety during punishment sessions, like physical education suits, swimsuits, sweaters and so forth. More will be revealed with further press releases.


We also catch a glimpse of a new playable character that will appear in the new scenario. You can see her in some of the screenshots (she’s the one with purplish-pink long hair with a rose in it).

The preorder bonus that will be offered in Japan is pretty much in line with the rest of the game: a CD with a recording of the voices of the young ladies during punishment…

If you managed to follow me to this point without your head exploding in a bloody mess, congratulations, you can now reward yourself  for your perseverance with a gallery including a batch of artwork (including the key art) and screenshots from the game.