PS Vita Exclusive Nepunepu: Connect Chaos Chanpuru Gets Official Website, Details, and Character Illustrations

on August 30, 2016 10:35 PM

Idea Factory launched the official website for their free-to-play card game Nepunepu: Connect Chaos Chanpuru, coming to PlayStation Vita in 2016 in Japan.

The game is set in a once peaceful and balanced world, but over time “Chaos Energy” accumulated and infected parts of the lands. Slowly the chaos energy took over the hearts of the citizens, but a girl name Yurina will stand strong and defeat the chaos energy. On her journey, she must collect “Golden Pieces”. That’s where she runs into a familiar face, Neptune.

New character, Yurina, is described as a lively girl who is informal after first meeting someone. She is on a journey to save the world from chaos energy and to do this she must look for golden pieces. Which are said to be the key to rewrite the world.

Another new character is known as Dimension Chaos Devise or DCD. Her premise is a mystery and more about her will most likely be revealed later.

Additionally, fan favorite characters will make a return including Neptune, Iffy, and Compa from the Neptunia series, and Fang and Alyn from Fairy Fencer F.

You can check out the new and returning character profile illustrations below:

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