Sony’s PS Vita Exclusive Over My Dead Body 2 Gets a Ton of New Screenshots and Artwork

Sony’s PS Vita Exclusive Over My Dead Body 2 Gets a Ton of New Screenshots and Artwork

Sony Computer Entertainment just released a large batch of screenshots and artwork of the upcoming PS Vita title Ore no Shikabane wo Koete Yuke 2 (Over My Dead Body 2), that will be released this summer in Japan.

We also learn that the story revolve around a curse named “curse of the short lived,” that causes people to grow many times faster than normal, but also condenses one’s life in just two years, which means that we won’t just control a character, but his whole lineage.

To create the head of said family, we’ll be able to use the camera of the PS Vita to capture our own face (or someone else’s) and the game will automatically turn it into the character’s features, that will then be passed down from father to son during the years. We’ll also be able to chose the colors of the character’s costume, that will become the colors of the clan. It’s also possible to edit the result of the facial capture or to create a character manually.

A second curse then comes into play, determining that characters of the clan won’t be able to reproduce with other humans (talk about annihilation) unless they aren’t themselves affected by the curse. To solve the problem, they’ll be able to mate with gods (both male and female, depending on the character’s gender), and the offspring will be the results of the statistics of the playable parent and the chosen goddess or god. It will also be possible to exchange characters with other players via generated QR codes.

Characters will finally be able to chose a profession, and with today assets the swordsman and the archer have been introduced, serving respectively as front line and rear guard fighters.

As an interesting detail we also find the solution to today’s mystery sparked by Famitsu. Apparently the character showcased in the illustration is indeed part of the cast of Over my Dead Body 2 and is also the protagonist of a series of light novels by Game Director Shoji Masuda himself.

Apparently what Famitsu was teasing wasn’t the game she belonged to, but her identity and purpose in this title, that haven’t been fully revealed, and are also said to be central to the the game’s plot.