PS Vita Release of Resident Evil Revelations 2 Gets More Details; Coming Digitally This Summer

PlayStation’s Gio Corsi took to the PlayStation Blog today to give PS Vita owners an update on the Vita version of Resident Evil Revelations 2.

It looks like the Vita version is “coming digitally this summer”, and in a comment response Corsi also clarified the contents of the Vita release.

The Vita version of the game will contain all four episodes released digitally on consoles, as well as the two extra spin-off episodes that were exclusive to the complete retail release of Revelations 2. It will also contain the four alternate costumes contained in the retail release.

Whether it will also include the alternate characters for RAID mode included in the retail edition was not mentioned.

RAID mode was also further detailed, confirming that only single player will be available at launch, with online and ad-hoc co-op coming after release in an update.

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