PS Vita Sales in Japan Stabilize. Crisis averted?

PS Vita Sales in Japan Stabilize. Crisis averted?

The new Media Create hardware charts have been published, showing that the PS Vita sold 42,915 units between January the 2nd and January the 8th.

For the first time in the four weeks after launch the sales figures of Sony’s new console didn’t drop, but actually raised by a couple hundred units (the week before it sold 42,648 units). 

Many predicted that sales of the Vita in Japan would drop further this week, but looks like the console managed to reach some much needed stability, at least for now.

While the numbers still place the Vita in 5th position on the charts, no new game was released for it last week, so the fact that the sales didn’t drop further is a good sign of stabilization for what’s effectively the most costly console in the land of the Rising Sun (if you count the memory card, otherwise its price is the same as a PS3).

On the other hand, the real test will be the upcoming weeks, as last week came right after new year, and the Otoshidama (the Japanese custom of giving money to children on new year’s day) probably acted as a sales driving factor.

We’ll see if the sales remain stable in the interim before the launch of Tales of Innocence R on the 26th, which is probably the first big title that will entice the Japanese gaming community to make the jump on the new portable.