PS Vita System Update 3.00 is Out Now

PS Vita System Update 3.00 is Out Now

In the latest video posted onto the PlayStation Blog, they discuss the PlayStation Vita’s 3.00 system update and what all comes with it. One of the biggest new features within the update is the new application “PS4 Link,” which has been added to the home screen and will allow the PS Vita to connect to the PlayStation 4 for remote play and second screen capabilities.

You can also find that Parental Controls has been added to the home screen of the PS Vita, allowing you to manage how long one can play a game and giving access to internet browser and Location Data.

A Panoramic Camera setting has also been added to the update, allowing you to take panoramic photos and being able to look around the photo using the system’s build-it motion sensor.

There are now four tabs in the Friends section of the PS Vita: Find Players on PSN, Friends, Friend Requests and Players Blocked.

You can now send and receive messages with friends on PS4 or those who may be a on a mobile device by installing the PlayStation App.

You can also now voice chat and text chat with players with friends who may be on their PS4. There has been a long list of added features that will be within system update 3.00. It’s definitely a big one.

Check out the video below for all of the details regarding the PS Vita’s system update 3.00.