PS Vita Version of I Am Setsuna May Come West if Enough Fans Demand It

on March 15, 2016 11:00 PM

When Square Enix revealed the western release of their JRPG I Am Setsuna, they confirmed that we’d get the PC and PS4 versions of the game while the Vita version would remain exclusive to Japan.

That may not turn out to be the case, depending on the actions of the gaming populace. This glimmer of hope comes from Director Atsushi Hashimoto, who disclosed to USGamer today at the ongoing GDC 2016 that:

Of course, there is a large Vita market in Japan. If there is a swell of demand in North America [for the Vita version], though, we will consider it.

I have an ancient PC, play my Vita a lot and am still holding out on PS4 so I’m the kind of gamer who needs wants this to hit the Vita. If you too want handheld I Am Setsuna, bug them to death on Twitter and Facebook and whatnot.

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