PS Vita Western Release Dates Appear On Retailer Websites

PS Vita Western Release Dates Appear On Retailer Websites

Today is the 5th, and Sony had teased something big was to happen. Looks like it may be happening, as several US retailer sites, like Amazon and Gamestop are now listing a new release date for the PS Vita. European ones like Gamestop Italy are starting to do the same.

Before today the release date was listed at January the 1st everywhere (evidently a placeholder).

The date listed is March 31, 2012 for the US and March 28, 2012 for Europe. I contacted Gamestop Italy (since I live in Italy) and they confirmed that the release date is official and comes from Sony.

UPDATE: I finally managed to call Gamestop US as well, nd they actually told me April the 1st. There seems to be a slightly discrepance there.

It’s slightly later that I personally expected. Of Course we should definitely chalk this as a rumor until Sony issues an official press release. We also contacted them for an official confirmation.

UPDATE 2: The release date has been made official by Sony, and it’s February the 22nd, 2012.