PSVR Exclusive Summer Lesson Lets You Teach Physical Fitness in New DLC

on January 9, 2017 11:20 PM

Bandai Namco Entertainment announced new DLC expansion for their game Summer Lesson: Hikari Miyamoto, available now for PlayStation VR in Japan.

The DLC titled Day Out will launch on January 12 for 1,490 yen. This event takes the player outdoors with Hikari-chan to soak up some rays and enjoy a nice day of physical activity. The new setting includes a shrine on top of the hill that overlooks the sea where players have a perfect view of the sky and a bridge.

Furthermore, players will be able to give a lesson on physical fitness that utilize the game’s new touch experience. If Hikari-chan gets tired players are about to hand her a drink or give her a fan to cool down.

Additionally, new work out clothes will be added and if the player gets an S rank in the event they’ll be about to sit on a bench and spend some special time with Hikari-chan.

This DLC follows others released including a maid cafe event. For western fans craving English subtitles, a translated version is supposed to hit the Asian PSN sometime this year.

You can preview the new screenshots below:

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