PS VR Experience Summer Lesson Will Most Likely Only Star One Female Character

PS VR Experience Summer Lesson Will Most Likely Only Star One Female Character

During a interview with Famitsu at Tokyo Game Show 2016, Producer and Director Tamaoki Jun and Chief Producer Harada Katsuhiro answered some questions about their upcoming PlayStation VR experience, Summer Lesson: Miyamoto Hikari Seven Days Room.

After discussing the general reaction of from the games newest trailer, Famitsu asked if players could expect to tutor other female characters in the future. Harada-san replied, “I don’t think you understand how expensive in both time and creation it takes just to create Hikari and her expressions.”


He continued to explain the difference between working on characters in the Tekken games as opposed to virtual reality games saying, “The distance between you and the character and mentality is extremely different. When someone’s face is up against yours, you become quite unnerved, correct? We have to take consideration into that as well. Again, as mentioned in Tekken, when the character performs their win pose, the cameras position is the main focus whereas the main characters eyes are your eyes which makes you the camera in a sense therefore we have to consider how the player looks at Hikari, from what angle and how will Hikari react. If you look at certain angles, you may be like “woah Hikari looks cute here”, but in another angle you may notice how long her eyelashes are. This is how you would act in a real life situation and so we need more realism and that takes time.”

With the game’s development actively being worked on after release, it seems players will most likely only receive DLC content in the form of new situations and events starring you and Hikari-chan.