PS2 Horror Classic Fatal Frame 2 Comes To PSN Tuesday

PS2 Horror Classic Fatal Frame 2 Comes To PSN Tuesday

The critically acclaimed horror-classic Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly has been confirmed via the Playstation Blog to be coming to the PSN next week as a PS2 classic by series director Makoto Shibata .

Fatal Frame II - Crimson ButterflyFatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly revovles around two sisters, one who uses the “Camera Obscura” to photograph and dispel spirits. The Camera had a variety of films that served as ammunition, and could be upgraded through the game. The game was lauded as one of the scariest horror games of its time (if not the scariest) and was celebrated for its dark–if a little disturbing–atmosphere.

Shibata commented on how they worked on improving the second game from the first, including making the storyline more interesting so that players would feel encouraged to get over the scariest parts of the game, which was supposedly a factor that prevented players from finishing the first.

Shibata also says that the game was based on a “scary, magical and traumatic” dream that had “a perfect plot–even with a title and a structured ending.” He also said “it was simply a case of how to interpret the dream and recreate it as a game.”

He also said of the game’s story and ending:

One may notice a slight difference in what the true meaning of the story concludes when playing the game. The more times you play through it, the more different outcomes you’ll feel every time as a result. This is actually a reflection of what happened when I was trying to figure out the meanings behind the dream I had mentioned earlier on. This never-ending illusion is something which has been reflected in the game. I recommend it to anyone who has not encountered any spiritual occasions in real life, to try and get an idea of what they are missing.

Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly will be available next week on May 7th, to the PSN.