PS3 Code Found Inside Mass Effect 2

on February 2, 2010 1:40 PM

Since the inception of Mass Effect on the Xbox 360, rumors have perpetuated that the console “exclusive” would be making its way to the PlayStation 3. Rabid flamewars and discussions have continuously been an ongoing topic throughout the gaming community regarding the series’ migration Sony’s behemoth console. Though there were some denials of such a port occurring from the Electronic Arts camp, some new source code has surfaced from the PC version of Mass Effect 2 which suggests that a PlayStation 3 version of the game exists somewhere, according to Polish site Kikoo. Where is this PlayStation 3 version being hidden? If it exists, God knows. For all we know it’s probably stuffed in a secure suitcase handcuffed on Frank Gibeau’s wrists, kept safe from the prying eyes of… well, everyone.

EA’s reponse? The company hasn’t confirmed nor denied the code and what it might insinuate. Instead, they offered a “no comment” on the situation which is more than likely to raise a hefty amount of eyebrows. Below is a glimpse of the code found on the PC version:


While there are some PlayStation 3 owners out there experiencing chubbies, nothing has been set in stone as to what this might all mean. Of course, with EA’s “no comment” response, this can only start some speculation, and even more fanboy arguments on web. But seriously, what the heck is PS3 code doing inside a Mass Effect game? If someone can provide me with a detailed explanation, I will be able to sleep well tonight.


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