PS3 Exclusive Guided Fate Paradox Sequel KamiKuro Gets New Screens and Info on the Hero

on March 20, 2014 1:30 PM

The sequel with a mouthful of a title, Kamisama to Unmei Kakusei no Kurosuteze (aka The Cross-Thesis of the Awakening of God and Destiny), gets some nice new screenshots showcasing the three main characters, as well as a bit more info on the protagonist Shin Kamikaze and some of the gameplay.

Shin is a quiet and aloof boy who’s poor at socializing. He’s the target of bullying because of his deceased parents and has grown to distrust people in general, stating that “people are living by taking advantage of others.” While walking home from high school, he was killed by a demon and then revived as God to save his life.

Gameplay remains similar to the previous title in the series, as a rogue-type dungeon crawler in which the hero and his angel assistants will engage in battle against various enemies. The order of events in the game goes: Event (cutscene), Base (Heaven), Combat (dungeon exploration). The biggest change is of course the upgrade from 2D to 3D graphics.

There will be plenty of items and equipment to garner in-game and it’s important to make sure your troops are properly outfitted and stocked. During a dungeon run, a powerful enemy can show up unexpectedly or you can run into various traps; therefore, your team must be accordingly prepared.

Another power has also been hinted at called “God Translocation.” Basically Shin can receive a huge power boost, which is closely tied to himself, the Fate Awakening Crystal and the two female angels discussed in the previous update. More information will be revealed in the next update. Meanwhile, check out the gallery of new screens posted below to tide you over.

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