PS3 Exclusive “If You Thought it Was a Harem Heaven, it Was a Yandere Hell” Reveals a Darker Side

on February 5, 2014 11:55 PM

More information on the PS3 exclusive from Nippon Ichi, If You Thought it Was a Harem Heaven, it Was a Yandere Hell, emerges, along with some new and unsettling screenshots.

Warning: There are some major spoilers posted below, so continue reading at your own risk.

We already know from the previous update that the protagonist Yuya Kisaragi is the vice-president of the Local History Study Club and he, along with the other members, are trying to find a mascot to represent their club for the cultural festival in order to achieve something (for once) and not lose their clubroom:

If You Thought it Was a Harem Heaven, it Was a Yandere Hell (2)

One of the club members and childhood friend Haruka Arisue dons a mascot outfit based on the local dog-god, Izaemon, to help out and she becomes a hit with the town due to her juggling:

If You Thought it Was a Harem Heaven, it Was a Yandere Hell (3)

However, one day the story takes a dark turn when the protagonist finds Izaemon covered in blood and holding an equally bloody knife:

If You Thought it Was a Harem Heaven, it Was a Yandere Hell (7)

Each route with the heroines will continue to get darker and sicker as it progresses. Yuya must tread with caution throughout the entire game, as the decisions made in the first half determine how the second half will play out.

Haruka Arisue is incredibly jealous and possessive of Yuya, which manifests into extreme violence. She becomes more and more warped after the incident stated above.

Kanna Totomi disappears soon after the event, and is later suspecting of constantly stalking Yuya as a voyeur. She has a wall full of pictures of him in her room, which reveals her obsession.

Sayuri Miyasu see’s Yuya as the ideal hero and would be the one to most likely capture him. She’s been using using his hair as straw and has a collection of his nail clippings.

A couple of new support characters also appear in the town, including a detective who came to investigate the incident and a young priestess who works at the local shrine. I absolutely love how twisted the story became so quickly, after Nippon Ichi set it up last time to sound like a generic harem visual novel.

You can check out the full gallery of screens below.

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