PS3 Exclusive JRPG Ar Nosurge Gets Screenshots and Info, Shows New Characters and Purification Ritual

PS3 Exclusive JRPG Ar Nosurge Gets Screenshots and Info, Shows New Characters and Purification Ritual

It’s Sunday, and Gust always loves to publish new information on its games at midnight as the week ends in Japan, so it’s not surprising that we got another large batch of information and screenshots on the upcoming PS3 exclusive JRPG Ar Nosurge.

We learn about the city of Kuontav, ruled by the archbishop of the cult of Genomirai. It’s a city with a distinctive steampunk look built inside a giant jet engine. The Genomirai religion seems to be very popular between the population because it ensures that the city won’t be attacked by the Sharjah. The people often gather in the cathedral to listen to the sermons, occasionally given by the archbishop himself.

The story of the game is narrated from two point of views, Delta’s and Casty’s. By continuing to experience the story drawn from different perspectives, players will be able to uncover the truth behind the world.

When players rest in the city between battles, they’ll be able to undergo the “purification ritual”, basically by having Delta bathe with the heroine and use Genometroika Crystals in order to raise their skills together with their bonds. Of course during the ceremony characters need to be clad only in swimsuits, a very convenient way to put some fanservice in the game.

C rystals can be embedded in five locations of the body: head, torso, belly, arms and legs. There’s also a minigame called “talking matters”, where the player has to engage in small talk with the heroine to increase the bond between her and Delta.

ArNoSurge (15)

New Characters have also been introduced: Sari, currently on a secret mission in Kuontav, is an elite mechanic belonging to the PLASMA organization. She has outstanding planning and information gathering abilities. She is also extremely skilled in creating medicines and weapons and at scientific subjects, not to mention programming computers.

Prim is one of the few left with the ability to use the original song magic, while Jill is the archbishop of the Genomirai cult (did you really expect the archbishop to be a man? come on). Her goal is to improve the quality of life by promoting coexistence between humans and sharjah, leading to a peaceful world.

Princess Tento¬†is the empress of Ferion. She always wears a costume that completely hides her features. She’s thought to be a woman due to her title, but her age or actual gender are actually unknown even to PLASMA members.

Below you can see all the screenshots and artwork released today. Quite lovely, aren’t they?