PS3 Hackers Can Ban Users and Unban Consoles?

PS3 Hackers Can Ban Users and Unban Consoles?


It seems as time goes on that the PS3 hack tool, created by Geohotz, causes more and more problems. First it compromised the basic integrity of the PS3 system and allowed you to cheat your way through trophies. Now it seems that hackers can ban legitimate users and unban banned consoles set by Sony. Don’t bother re-reading that last sentence…you read it correctly. You could be banned for absolutely nothing and not by Sony. The article’s picture is a supposed screenshot of how that task can be accomplished.

According to the, SKFU’s blog (a PS3 researcher/developer) confirms this latest turn of events. After the break is the post (from that explains how you can be banned. All I can say is if this happens to me I will be pissed. Let’s just hope Sony can get this under control before we have another widespread PlayStation problem (worldwide leap year glitch back in February-March). The post has since then been removed.

-Hot off the press, and on the heels of Sony trying to find all the modded PS3 consoles, comes a funny story from SKFU’s Blog (an PS3 researcher/developer), along with a real way to UNBAN yourself, but watch out LEGIT PS3 owners, you could end up being banned by another user!

1) The bans are based on the users’ account and console ID’s.

2) We can modify all traffic sent and received by the PlayStation 3

What if some kiddies start to modify their sent traffic to appear as another user and use backups?

The PSN servers would recognize the TOS violation and check the online user database for known connections based on the ID’s. The user and his consoles who really owns the ID’s would be banned.

Even a simple Windows application which goes through ALL ID’s may be possible. 24 hours and any console worldwide would be banned.

This should definitely be double-checked by SONY.-