PS3 JRPG The Witch and The Hundred Knights Gets New Info and Plenty Screenshots

PS3 JRPG The Witch and The Hundred Knights Gets New Info and Plenty Screenshots

NIS America just confirmed yesterday that the PS3 exclusive action JRPG The Witch and the  Hundred Knitghts will land on the European shores next spring, in addition to the already confirmed North American release, and today Nippon Ichi Software sent another large batch of information, screenshots and artwork directly from Japan.

First of all we learn about a couple new characters: the “outrageous fairy” Manyi is worthy of her name. Despite her diminutive size she’s at least as arrogant as the protagonist Metallica, and very assertive. She loves appearing suddenly and flying around people to make them dizzy. At times she can lower herself to support Hundred Knights in his adventures. She’s voiced by Rei Matsuzaki.

WitchHundredKnights (5)

Wonder Kamamiru, commonly known as Mir-san, is a magical creature in the shape of a western doll with a nail stuck in her head. She manages the Wondwerkanma incinerator of lost artifacts,  and under certain conditions she will give items to Hundred Knights.  She’s voiced by Aimi Terakawa.

We also get a glimpse on the “Pillbox” weapons that Hundred Knights can use. System-8 Chickbomb is a bomb-type pillbox. It can be detonated with a timer and damages enemies in the area of the blast, but caution is necessary as it can hit Hundred Knights himself if he doesn’t get out of the way.

System-10 Diarrow it’s a bow and arrow type pillbox (that looks more like a boomerang). Hundred Knights can summon three at the same time and use them to trigger traps and activate mechanisms remotely. It can also lock onto enemies.

WitchHundredKnights (15)

System-1 Chibihei (Small Soldier) is an independent combat type pillbox. Hundred Knights can summon eight at the same time. They will fight on their own and follow him automatically.

System-42 Castle is a battle fortress type pillbox. Two of them can be summoned at the same time and will act as fixed turrets performing long range magical attacks.

System-14 Decoymo is a decoy type pillbox. Two can be summoned at once, and they will attract enemy fire away from Hundred Knights. They’re good to take the enemies by surprise or to cover a retreat.

Below you can see a nice, big gallery that includes a large batch of screenshots and artwork showcasing the elements described above.