PS3 Sales Drop Back To 55,000 in Japan

It was going to happen eventually. After the release of the PlayStation 3 Slim, sales soared beyond belief in Japan as people everywhere scattered to obtain the now inexpensive gaming machine. Now that the calm has settled, and everyone in Japan is back to being stuffed again into train carts for their daily commutes, PS3 sales have declined down to 55,000 from last week’s unbelievable 151,000 sales.

Though the PS3 sales have dropped since last week’s spike, Sony’s “It Does Everything” console is still ahead of its competitors Microsoft and Nintendo. The Wii sold a bewildering 17,568 units according to figures from Media Create, with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 putting out a measly 7568 sales. Japanese people really don’t like the Xbox 360, huh?

However, with the release of Nintendo’s two new Pokemon games, the DSi was the leading gaming device in the region with a trumping 68,498 units being sold. The PSP managed to get out 18,275 units, the PS2 2,612, and the DS Lite 11,179 for the week ending September 13. I know what a lot of you are thinking: “Fucking Pokemon…” right?  The full sales figures after the jump…

  • DSi – 66,498
  • PlayStation 3 – 55,344
  • Wii – 17,568
  • DS Lite – 11,179
  • Xbox 360 – 7568
  • PlayStation 2 – 2612
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Yaris Gutierrez

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