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PS3 TV Tuner/DVR Out in Japan in March

January 14, 2010

There is reason why some Westerners dislike the Japanese sometimes. It has nothing to do with Pearl Harbor, but more to do with the exuberant amount of nifty devices they get and we can’t usually have. It is called envy, people. This time around, Japan has announced one interesting piece of hardware coming to the PS3. It’s name is torne (it is spelled in lower case and is pronounced “torn-eh”). torne is a USB TV tuner that connects to the PS3 and allows users to watch, search, and record television through that very system. If you’re wanting to DVR a show, it can be easily saved to either you PS3’s internal hard drive, or to a USB-connected external hard drive. The best thing about torne, however, is that it can record even while you’re watching a Blu-ray movie, or playing games on the PS3. The even better thing is that shows can also be watched on the PSP using Remote Play or transferred to a Memory Stick. Booya! This right here has me sold like like Black Friday.

torne will be available this March for ¥9,980 ($108.78), or bundled with the 250GB PS3 for ¥42,800 ($466,52). As of yet, no release has been announced in any other region. Europeans already got the PlayTV treatment, which is also a TV tuner.

I’m pretty sure we’re not going to get that treatment here in the states. So, for that reason, I will be importing the crap out of this device. Seriously. I can now record Jack Bauer kicking ass in 24 while I’m doing my thing in Modern Warfare 2. I’m crossing my fingers in hopes that PlayAsia sells this on their site come March.

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