PS3 Update 3.15 Inbound

PS3 Update 3.15 Inbound

Coming to a PS3 near you is the latest firmware update, version 3.15. Being that it’s a .5 update I really wasn’t expecting too much as these are usually bug fixes and such…well color me surprised as some welcome upgrades and features will come with the update this time around. First up is the ability to now play those new tiny PSP Mini’s on your PS3, and most importantly your TV. The second feature is the abililty to connect one PS3 to another for data transfer via an ethernet cable. Where the hell was this feature when I updated to the slim 2 months ago! The back up utilty worked well, but re-downloading all of my Rock Band tracks was such a bitch. Onc standout missing from this update, is a fix for the blutooth controller pairing issue that some have been experiencing since the release of 3.10. The firmware will be optional and available for download on the 17th (uncomfirmed, could be sooner).

Well do want to see how easy it will be to transfer all of your data? Check out the rundown below:


Data Transfer Utility

  1. Turn both the current PS3 (A) and new PS3 (B) on and connect them with a LAN cable; PS3 (A) should be connected to the TV. Please note, firmware (v3.15) must be installed on both systems.
  2. On the XMB of PS3 (A), scroll to the Settings category and select [System Settings] and then [Data Transfer Utility]
  3. Follow the instructions on-screen and transfer data
  4. After transferring the data, follow the instructions on-screen, and then connect PS3 (B) to the TV to view the XMB
  5. If content that was downloaded from PlayStation Store was transferred as part of this operation, you must activate PS3 (B) before you can use the data. Log in to the PS3 system as the user who owns the content, and then select (PlayStation Network) > (Account Management) > (System Activation) to activate the system.

(VIA PS Blog)