PS3/NGP Cross-platform Play Could be in the Works for Dungeon Defenders

PS3/NGP Cross-platform Play Could be in the Works for Dungeon Defenders


This little tidbit of information came from a larger article on Eurogamer talking about the NGP’s ability to run Unreal Engine 3 games, with Epic pointing out that it is quite possible the handheld system could handle a Gears of War style game. That is interesting in and of itself, but since I’ve been following Trendy Entertainment and their upcoming Dungeon Defenders title, some other points piqued my interest that related specifically to the action RPG.

During the Sony press conference in Tokyo, Japan a couple days ago, Epic founder Tim Sweeney introduced a demo of Dungeon Defenders, which will eventually come to the PC, PSN and XBLA. However, it’s the PS3/NGP version that gets me all hot and bothered. Aside from the possibility of it having Move support, Sweeney had this to say about Trendy’s upcoming title:

“Dungeon Defenders is essentially a PS3 game brought to NGP. At CES this year, Trendy showed Dungeon Defenders on a Tegra 2 mobile device playing multiplayer against a PlayStation 3. Trendy told me they’re planning to have NGP players playing against PS3 players. So this part is already a reality. All they need to add is the ability to save your status in the cloud so you can pick up and play on another device and they’re done. That’s not a hard problem to solve and I suspect Sony will offer a good solution for that via PSN at some point.”

He also mentioned that porting the title from the PS3 to the NGP took about a week. This shows a couple things and, really, opens up the mind to many more possibilities (some of which we discussed on our ShockCast this week). It shows a bit of the direction Sony is possibly going to take with PS3/NGP cross-platform play, and I use the term “cross-platform” very loosely. Secondly, it shows just how powerful the NGP is, if it can handle an Unreal Engine 3 powered title and the fact that it takes such a short amount of time to port a game over to the handheld device. Makes you think, doesn’t it?