PS3s Have Been Revived!

Hello again readers,  It’s safe you can come back out of that corner you crawled into and stop epileptic shaking for your next fix of PSN crack.  Your PlayStation 3 is completely capable of giving you the dose you need of murdering, racing, murdering, platforming, sports, strategy, puzzles, and anything else you people have been fiendish for during this drought of Phatboy connectivity.  The apocalypse is over… for now.  Does this make some of you want to upgrade to the Slim?  If so, what feature would you personally miss most from the classic spec system?

I think it is safe to say this was a near-disaster caused by a very minor bug relating to leap-year.  We can finally put this issue to rest, I felt the anguish of gamers worldwide while all of my systems Slim, Phatboy, and PSP continued to work fine I could just imagine how painful it must of been for gamers who had no clue why this was happening to them or when it would be fixed.  I expect to see you all in PSN tonight showing your thanks for Sony fixing this by playing the hell out of your favorite games.  Send me a message on there anytime you want to face off, but don’t bother with friend requests please as I’m already full.

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Jon Ireson

Jon is a gamer above all else. He plays all types of games. You can find him mostly in War games. He is very passionate and a hard worker and it shows through his writing. Favorite Games: Warhawk, Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix, Final Fantasy 6

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