PS4 1.7’s SHAREFactory Dev “Shares” Sample Video; Confirms Original Music (MP3?) Upload and More

PS4 1.7’s SHAREFactory Dev “Shares” Sample Video; Confirms Original Music (MP3?) Upload and More

If you want to get a taste of what can be done  with the upcopming SHAREFactory app that will be introduced in the 1.7 update of the PS4, you’re in luck, as Senior Producer Stuart Platt uploaded a little video showing what can be done with the program.

You can check out the clip at the bottom of the post but there’s more.

Platt responded to a question from a fan asking if you can upload your own MP3s to use them in your videos:

You can import your own original music from a USB drive. Glad you like it!

While he doesn’t explicitly name the MP3 format in the reply, it was definitely mentioned in the question, so it’s pretty safe to assume that’s what he means, even because it’d be pretty awkward to have to use a format different from the most common, which would possibly require having a PC to convert the files handy.

He also mentioned that you can use any microphone compatible with the PS4 to record commentary, and not just the camera:

Yes. You can use the headset included with the PlayStation 4 system or use any compatible headset with microphone.

Platt also confirmed in the comments section of the video that the output resolution of SHAREFactory will be 720p. From the wording it seems that this will be the case for  all the videos that we’ll be able to export via USB starting with firmware update 1.7.

Videos shared from PlayStation 4 are rendered out at 720p. The YouTube default playback setting is 360p and that may be what you are seeing. Thanks for watching.

Looks like SHAREFactory is going to be a very interesting addition to the PS4’s app suite, and it’ll possibly pave the way for MP3 playback, that has already promised by Sony at the beginning of the console’s lifetime.