PS4 Has Now Eclipsed 110 Million Units Sold

The PS4 has surpassed yet another sales milestone as it enters its final stretch of months as the only Sony platform on the market.

Another financial quarter at Sony has recently come to an end, meaning that the lifetime sales of the PS4 have reached yet another new milestone.

To wrap up Sony’s fourth quarter of its previous 2019 fiscal year, the PS4 shipped 1.5 million units around the globe, bringing the console’s yearly total to 13.6 million. This is a drop off for the PS4 compared to the fiscal year prior, in which 17.8 million consoles were shipped, but it still shows that the PS4 is staying relatively strong as the arrival of the PS5 draws near.

With these new numbers now divulged, the lifetime sales total for the PS4 has now surpassed 110 million. To be more specific, the total sits at 110.4 million as of this writing. Despite being such a strong performer for Sony over the years, though, the platform still trails the lifetime PS2 sales by roughly 40 million units.

Moving forward into FY20, Sony usually provides an outlook on what it’s expecting to ship in the current fiscal year when it comes to PS4. However, no guidance has been provided right now for one reason or another. Those projections might be coming further down the line or could instead be halted altogether considering how complicated manufacturing and shipping logistics have become in the wake of the world’s current COVID-19 pandemic.

Even though the PS4’s era is winding down, the console should still have a fairly strong final push in the coming months. In the upcoming months alone, Sony is planning to ship both The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima, each of which will launch this summer. These two major releases could prove to give the PS4 one final boost in sales before the PS5 releases this holiday season.

As for Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima itself, Sony is planning to showcase more of the title tomorrow during a new edition of State of Play.

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