PS4 Reaches 112 Million Units Sold

PS4 Reaches 112 Million Units Sold

The PS4 sold 1.9 million units in the first quarter of Sony's current FY, which proved to be a drop compared to this same quarter the year prior.

Sony today released its first-quarter financial information from its 2020 fiscal year and, as usual, the latest sales totals for the PS4 have now been disclosed.

In total for the quarter, which lasted between April and June, Sony sold 1.9 million PS4 units around the globe. Combined with the lifetime total sales of the console, which previously sat at 110.4 million, the new lifetime numbers for the platform now stand at 112.3 million units.

The 1.9 million sales within the quarter do represent a fairly decent drop year-over-year, however, as the system in this same period in 2019 sold 3.2 million units. Still, that’s to be expected for a variety of reasons. Perhaps most notably, the PS5 is set to drop later this holiday season, which means that many prospective purchasers might be holding out to pick up the next-gen console. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic also put some stress on manufacturing pipelines earlier this year, which led to many console makers struggling to keep their platforms in stock.


While overall platform sales for the PS4 may have been down though, Sony says that everything else went up. Backed by strong performances from both The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima, Sony says its software sales within the quarter increased YoY. Additionally, PlayStation Plus subscriptions also went up during this period and the service now nearly sits at a staggering 45 million users.

With the PS5 set to release in just a few short months, the PS4 likely won’t spike much higher than these sales totals from Q1 in the remainder of Sony’s FY2020. At this point, it will be more interesting to see if the PS4’s successor can surpass what it was able to accomplish. Based on some early reports, Sony is definitely hoping that will be the case.