PS4 and Xbox One Battle for Black Friday Domination, and it Seems to Be Close; Wii U Is There as Well

PS4 and Xbox One Battle for Black Friday Domination, and it Seems to Be Close; Wii U Is There as Well

Black Friday is possibly the biggest shopping day in the United States, crazy post.Thanksgiving deals pulls customers to the shops and online retailers to grab consoles on the cheap, and both Sony and Microsoft pushed quite hard this year to grab the upper hand and run away with the money.

Microsoft is probably the competitor that pushed the hardest. The Assassin’s Creed Unity Bundle, including the console and two games for $329, is really quite crazy, even if it might have hindered slightly by the negative buzz surrounding the game. On the other hand Sony didn’t drop the price, but added two definitely popular games to the deal, selling the PS4 together with Grand Theft Auto V and The Last of Us Remastered for $399, even if the bundle isn’t available everywhere.

A plethora of retailer-driven bundles and deals also add complexity to the scenario, making it definitely difficult to call out a victor for this showdown.

Now that the sun is setting on Black Friday, we can give a look at the online rankings of the biggest retailers (excluding Best Buy, because apparently the traffic made their site implode, and it’s down at the moment of this writing), and see who is on top.


On Amazon the PS4 bundle is leading the ranking, but it’s worth mentioning that Xbox One bundle started in the lead, and was overtaken afterwards. An interesting secondary indicator is the ranking of controllers. The Xbox One controller is on top in 6th position, while the closest PS4 controller is the classic black one in 8th. As a caveat, the DualShock 4 comes in several colors, so its total sales are higher than they appear.

Judging from the recent switch at the lead, it seems that the two consoles are fairly close in sales.


Gamestop is the retailer that shows the most surprising results. The PS4 bundle is firmly on top, followed by the Family Bundle with an additional DualShock 4, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and LittleBigPlanet 3. The Wii U actually puts a very good battle, coming in hot in sixth with its own bundle. The Xbox One bundle is surprisingly all the way down in 13th position.


Walmart is also definitely interesting. Here at the top between new gen home consoles we find a Wii U bundle (with other Wii U bundles in the top ten), followed by the PS4 bundle with a choice game and an additional controller, but there are two Xbox One bundles (both of which include the Assassin’s Creed bundle plus two games or two games or two games and an additional controller) in 4th and 6th.

But that’s not all. Looking at the Xbox One Assassin’s Creed bundle by itself, even if it’s lower in  the ranking, it’s classified at “best seller.” This means that summing its sales with those of the bundles that include it, it’s actually standing at the top.


And that’s not all. To further complicate the situation, the juiciest PS4 bundle, including the console, The Last of Us Remastered, Grand Theft Auto V and two games of choice, went sold out extremely fast as soon as it was made available yesterday.


Walmart sales also includes another interesting trait, because due to its target customer base, it still sees strong sales of old generation consoles, with Xbox 360, PS3 and even the now massively underpowered Wii still close to the top.

Additionally, there have also been several reports over social media of sold out consoles at brick and mortar stores, including the one below courtesy of Xbox’s own Aaron Greenberg:

Ultimately, the situation seems to be slightly in favor of the PS4 overall, but the Xbox One appears to be very close, while the Wii U is showing its presence as well. One thing is for sure: the NPD figures for this month coming around the middle of December will definitely be interesting, and we’ll have to wait for then in order to settle this match. There’s no real way to be sure until then.

Europe will follow in December, as the biggest shopping period in the Old Continent is just before Christmas. While the competition between console manufacturers is getting more and more heated, more and more crazy deals are rained on gamers and perspective customers. What’s not to love?