PS4 and Xbox One Might Be Included in Second “Big” Evolve Alpha

PS4 and Xbox One Might Be Included in Second “Big” Evolve Alpha

Today at PAX Prime, the team at Turtle Rock Studios announced their plans for a ‘Big’ (closed) alpha for the upcoming 4 vs. 1 multiplayer shooter Evolve. Pax Attendees are being instructed to visit the Evolve booth to pick up an invitation to the upcoming Alpha. Invites are being handed out on cards, which include the redemption code as well as instructions. The most interesting part about it, is that for the first time “platform preference” is now an option.


On 2K’s official ‘Big’ alpha code redemption site, platform preference is indeed an option and it features Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. This marks the first time that players on either current generation consoles might get the opportunity to play the Evolve alpha from the confines of home.


It should be noted that Xbox One players will get to take Evolve for a second spin when the open beta is released in January of 2015.

For now the team at Turtle Rock Studios says “they don’t have many details to share quite yet” but assure gamers that PAX Prime attendees will not be the only ones getting in on the action for the ‘Big’ Alpha; they advise those interested to follow them on social media as well as their official forums for more details as they’re released.

Or you can just read DualShockers, since you know…. we will totally be all over it once we find out more.

Beta Invite Image Credit goes to Turtle Rock Studios forum moderator: Plaff