PS4 Beats Xbox One and Wii U at the CEDEC Excellence Awards; Here’s the Full List of Winners

PS4 Beats Xbox One and Wii U at the CEDEC Excellence Awards; Here’s the Full List of Winners

Every year the Computer Entertainment Developers Conference is held in Japan, and 2014 is no exception, with the event started yesterday and ending tomorrow. And like every year the CEDEC Excellence awards have been assigned to those deemed most worthy by the panel of industry professionals and developers.

This year the list of nominees was quite rich, and the network award was particularly interesting, as it saw the PS4, the Xbox One and the Wii U competing directly, for the following features.

  • PS4 Share Developmet Team (Sony Computer Entertainment) – For creating the means of sharing one’s experience.
  • Wii U Development Team (Nintendo) – For the lagless video and audio transfer to the gamepad.
  • Microsoft Development Team (Microsoft Japan) – For the Peer To Peer Network Architecture of the Xbox One.

LINE and Twitter Japan were also nominated.

The PS4 came on top, with the following motivation:

The means through which one can share freely his gaming experience are offered by the platform in an effective way and are worthy of high praise. In the future we hope to be able not only to spectate, but also to participate.

Here are the other winners for each category.

  • Engineering: Unreal Engine 4 Development Team (Epic Games) – For further promoting the democratization of game development.
  • Visual Arts:  Softimage Development Team Development team (Autodesk) – For being the driving force behind the shaders that support many artists since the dawn of 3D development.
  • Game Design: Kantai Collection Development Team ( Games) – For the concept work called personification/feminization applied to ships.
  • Sound: Hideki Sakamoto (Noisycroak) – For his efforts to actively promote video game music through interaction with fans.

The Special Award has been assigned to Dragon Quest composer Koichi Sugiyama, while the Writing Award has been won by DeNA, the owner of the Mobage mobile platform.