PS4 Emulation of PS2/PS1 “From Amazing 1080p to Buggy Single FPS;” Disk Plans Unknown – Insider

PS4 Emulation of PS2/PS1 “From Amazing 1080p to Buggy Single FPS;” Disk Plans Unknown – Insider

Two days ago industry insider Ahsan “Thuway” Rasheed ousted a rumor about Sony Computer Entertainment’s effort in implementing PS2 and PlayStation emulation on PS4, and today he provided more information about its current performance on Twitter, also mentioning that his sources didn’t give him information about the possibility of direct disc playback.

Oh and for those asking about any update about the PS2/PS1 emulation for PS4. I don’t know what Sony’s plans are concerning disc playback.

What I have heard is the emulation experience ranges from absolutely amazing 1080p to terribly buggy single FPS garbage.

Sony doesn’t want to ship a half baked product with people complaining about inaccurate features.

Oh and they are listening for your feedback for the firmware and OS side of things. Please be vocal.

I am legitimately telling you the PS2 emulation is real, if you want local disc playback, make noise. They’ve made a reputation by listening.

It’s not very surprising that the result of emulation vary by game, as it’s the same with basically every PC-based emulator out there, especially in its infancy. We’ll have to see if Sony will manage to perfect the feature or if they will just make available a select number of titles that work well.

After all PC-based emulators for PlayStation and PlayStation 2 took years to perfect, but now there are a few that works perfectly with almost every game in the line-up even on PCs with similar specs as the PS4. We can probably expect the same evolution with the PS4, even if Sony has the advantage of perfectly knowing the ins and outs of the platforms emulated.

Of course, since Sony didn’t make any official announcement yet we should take everything said above with a pinch of salt and consider it a rumor. That said, I can’t help but hoping that Rasheed’s sources are right about it.