PS4 Euro Launch Doesn’t Paint Amazon Best Sellers Charts Blue Like it Did in the US, First Only in Germany

on November 29, 2013 1:23 PM

When the PS4 launched in the US, it painted the Amazon best sellers chart almost fully blue with the console, its accessories and games. The same did not happen with the European launch, apparently, and today the chart in the five main European Amazon stores (UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain) are much more mixed than their US counterpart, as you can see in the animated GIFs below. Only in Germany the console managed to grab first place.

Of course this doesn’t mean that the PS4 did badly in Europe. Everything seems to indicate the opposite for the moment, but it does show a large difference in the distribution of the console as opposed to the US.

In the United States Sony sent sizable “last minute” batches to the biggest online retailers, that allowed for late preorders and last minute purchases, ensuring that many that didn’t preorder at all still had a chance to get their console online at launch.

On the other hand in Europe that didn’t happen. The launch version of the console has been sold out for ages, and if you order your PS4 on Amazon today you’ll receive it “after Christmas” in the UK and France, on December the 16th in Italy, “After January 2014” in Germany, while in Spain it isn’t available at all.

This means that in Europe (at least on Amazon) the sales of the PS4 have been a marathon more than a sprint, staggered over the last few months, and not focused on the last minute. If you order the console now you aren’t going to get it for a while anyway, so people are more likely to try their luck at physical stores.











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