PS4 Exclusive Drawn to Death Gets a Ton of Animated GIF, Info and Art on Johnny Savage

PS4 Exclusive Drawn to Death Gets a Ton of Animated GIF, Info and Art on Johnny Savage

Today the good folks at The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency released a full-fledged character profile of one of the maniacs we’ll get to play in Drawn to Death, Johnny Savage, including plenty illustrations, animated GIFs and more.






Navigation Attack: PUNK KICK

Anger and aggression flows thru the veins of Johnny Savage! This attacks allows him to funnel all of his angst into a fast flying kick that sends his metal boot- still attached to his leg, of course- into the face of any enemy that gets in his way.

Just jump (or double jump) and HOLD L1 to begin the attack!


Line up your attack with the ground target and RELEASE L1 to launch the kick!
But be careful! The Punk Kick has a drawback.


Missing your opponent will put you in a vulnerable state that your enemies can exploit!

Special Moves: Forward Flip, Backflip

The aggressive energy flowing through Johnny Savage allows him some of the highest leaps and best evades in the game.

From a double jump press L1 for a forward flip. This gives the Player a little extra height and adds distance to any jump.


To perform a backflip, do a double jump and press L1 while pulling back on L3. This is a great move for avoiding incoming attacks.

Another useful tip: Punk Kick can be linked on to either the forward flip or the backflip.

But be aware: Forward flip, back flip, and the Punk Kick drain from the precious Puke Punch meter! So use these powerful moves wisely!

Punk’s Rage

If you’re gonna hurt Johnny Savage you may as well kill him because hurting the guy only serves to piss him off. And when he gets mad, he gets strong.


Once Savage’s health drops below 30%, he’ll enter PUNK’S RAGE, a stage that makes all of his attacks do 2X damage! As long as the Player stays at 30% health (or less) Johnny Savage will stay in this deadly Punk Rage state.


image_169 image_171image_173


As usual, if you want to provide feedback, you can head to the post on the official forums. You will need to log into your PSN account to access it.

On top of all this, Director David Jaffe also shared some artwork showing possible costumes for Diabla on Twitter, asking fans which one they like most.