PS4 Exclusive Ace Combat 7 Goes Back to Classic Fictional World; PlayStation VR Confirmed Optional

PS4 Exclusive Ace Combat 7 Goes Back to Classic Fictional World; PlayStation VR Confirmed Optional

Things are finally slowing down after the first day of PlayStation experience, and I finally found a moment to sit back and examine today’s trailers with a bit more attention.

There was one that I wanted to take my time and watch frame by frame, and as soon as I did, a big smile lit up on my face. If, like me, you really disliked the use of the real world as a setting for Ace Combat: Assault Horizon and Ace Combat Infinity, I have good news, Ace Combat 7 is most probably going back to the classic and beloved fictional world of Strangereal.

The evidence is in the screenshots and trailer released today.

Above and below, you can see a what appears to be a Su-30, and it bears the unmistakable insignia of the Federal Erusea Air Force.  The same insigna can be seen in the trailer.


AceCombat (3)

For reference Erusea is the country to which the Yellow Squardon of Ace Combat 4: Shattered Skies belongs.

What about the F-22? The trailer comes to our help again, and it clearly bears the insignia of the Osean Air Defense Force

AceCombat (2)

AceCombat (1)

Osea is the country to which the player belongs in Ace Combat 5: the Unsung War

The contents of the trailer seems to indicate that the game will feature a war between the democratic Osea and the fascist Erusea. If this turns out to be true, color me overjoyed. No more drab real world, welcome back to Strangereal!

Update: apparently, I missed the confirmation, which was provided by Team Aces’ Masato Kanno over Twitter. 

On top of this, we get the clarification that PlayStation VR is optional and that the trailer is rendered in real-time and not a a pre-rendered cinematic, by way of Director and Producer Kazutoki Kono.

“With Ace Combat 7 we’ll also do our best with VR. It’s not a VR-only product. Some people were confused (wry smile). Also, the video is an actual real-time video. It’s not a pre-rendered movie. Some were also confused on this (wry smile).”