PS4 Exclusive Ace Combat 7’s Director Talks About Aircraft Lineup: Su-30, F-22 and More

PS4 Exclusive Ace Combat 7’s Director Talks About Aircraft Lineup: Su-30, F-22 and More

The Ace Combat series has always been about its large line-up of aircrafts with flyable ones reproducing those existing in the real world, and fictional behemoths to serve as enemies. Director Kazutoki Kono talked more about what we can expect in an interview released by Famitsu.

First of all, Kono-san explained that Ace Combat 7 will mark the debut in the series of the Su-30 Flanker-C, that never appeared before and was featured in the trailer. He personally likes the Su-27, Su-35 and Su-37, but since Ace Combat always featured only the one-seat versions of the Flanker series, he asked the team “Why don’t we do the Su-30 this time?” as he wanted to include the two-seat version.

He also commented on the F-22, mentioning that it’s representative of the idea of a fighter even among those that aren’t very interested in planes, so it’s definitely worthy of the position of “hero aircraft.” Its peculiar flat “stealth” shape make it look like a real fighter, as much as the F/A-18F does.

Asked whether aircrafts like the F-15 and the A-10 will be included,  Kono-san answered that the team is working on a suitable-line up, and since they’re making the game on the latest hardware, they won’t diverge from the standards of the series.

Kono-san also talked about the fictional FAS airship that appears in the trailer guarding the orbital elevator. The widespread adoption of drones in the future is part of the themes of the game, so it has been included in the design. Kanno-san loves the design and the feel of the FAS, that is designed by Masato Kanno, who has worked on several Ace Combat games and will work as the Art Director for Ace Combat 7.