PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne Gets Lots of New Info on Characters, Enemies, Gameplay, Weapons and Locations

By Giuseppe Nelva

August 21, 2014

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia just published more information about the upcoming PS4 exclusive Bloodborne in several areas of the game’s official website.

One of the characters the game is named Hunter Gascoigne and he’s described as follows:

A lone person standing in a graveyard among the whirling ashes, he’s a bloodied hunter. He looks like an experienced veteran, but details are unknown.

Information about one of the enemy “malformed beasts” has also been disclosed. It’s named “Cleric Beast” (literally “Beast of the Clergy”) and it bears that name because of a rumor according to which members of the clergy in Yharnam transform into this kind of monster. Among the humans turned beasts by the plague it’s one of the biggest.

Its transformation is hard to describe. It screams loudly and the body becomes pale. the ribs poke through its skin as it muscles become thin. However, it commands massive physical strength.

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We then learn about three different enemies:

Beast Hunting Mob: 

As the plague spread, the crowd started to hunt the beasts. The impulse for the hunt is like a fever, and they themselves have already been infected by the plague of the beast, even if they don’t yet know. They keep seeking their preys in order to kill them, but in their maddened eyes even normal people appear as beasts.

Wheelchair Mob:

Among the mob hunting the beasts, old men on wheelchairs can be found. Rich elderly men in wheelchairs are a common sight in Yharnam, and often are armed with firearms from the old wars. For those that can’t move well, there’s only one way to defend from the beasts, and the only mean they have left is violence.

Carrion Crow: 

Among the crows that eat rotting carrion, there are those that favor human meat. Those bloated, ugly monsters drag themselves between the corpses feasting on the once rich citizens of Yharnam. They are highly aggressive and are attracted by the smell of blood. They will attack humans if they get close, so that those that live will become carrion for them to eat.

The “Regain” system as also been explained.

If the player doesn’t want to die, attack will become the best defense. When receiving damage from the enemy, if said damage is returned within a certain amount of time, it’s possible to regenerate. The “Regain” system changes the concept of tactical defense and encourages the player to fight desperately to stay alive.

The information continues with the description of three different weapons:

Saw Blade:

It’s the typical transformable weapon used by hunters. It can be used as a saw to rend the beasts or as a polearm with a long handle that takes advantage of centrifugal force. It’s the most iconic weapon for hunters.

Beast Hunting Axe:

This special axe with a curved handle is another weapon typical of the hunters. It can adapt to the situation by changing its shape. It’s heavier than the saw blade, and that makes it excellent to exploit the regain system.

Since the beasts aren’t people anymore, hunters use this axe with the same purpose of an executioner.

Beast Hunting Guns: 

This standard gun is used by hunters to fell the beasts. It fires like a shotgun, and its primary role is to reduce the mobility of the enemy. It’s also highly effective and easy to land a hit.

Finally, two of the areas included i the game have been detailed:

Cathedral District: 

Yharnam is divided in several districts. The center of the city is characterized by bridges and large streets. The Cathedral district is separated from the rest of the city by a cliff and its name originates from an ancient cathedral. It also became the home of a medical association that oversees the use of the “curative blood”

Hemwick Cemetery District: 

Since there’s no shortage of corpses in Yahrnam, the local graveyard is very large. It’s easily located and is lined by graves big and small. It’s an ominous and gloomy place surrounded by a very poor district where the cultural level is also quite low. It’s currently deserted, but what lurks under the earth?

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