PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne Gets More Info on Three Lethal Monsters That Will Hunt Us Down

on December 18, 2014 4:54 AM

On top of the new batch of screenshots and artwork, Sony Computer Entertainment and From Software released today more information about three new monsters on the official Japanese website.

Below you can find a translation of each official blurb.

The Ancient Watch Dog

A giant watch dog, with its withered stone-like body covered in a scorching hot flame, which watches over the underground ruins.

It is said that these unique guards cover themselves in a densely heated flame in order to fulfill their duties as guards of the ruins.
They are the most ancient of beings that reside within the ruins.

Bloodborne (9)

The Ritualist

Whether in a graveyard or in the bedroom, there will always be humans that are sleeping.
Among the the hunters survives the knowledge of individuals who prays for for those resting, a unique ritualist.

People who do not know of the ritualists will be terrified by their appearance and demeanor, labeling them as disgusting and repulsive, whereas that may just be pure prejudice… perhaps.

Bloodborne (6)

The Hunter of the Ancient Ruins

A large ancient ruin lies beneath the Ancient City of Yarnham.
It is said that within those ruins, the graves and rest places of those that are not human are laid, and there are wandering hunters who can be found protecting those silent ruins.

Born and bred in those damp ruins this Hunter lives on the flesh and blood of the dead. He has blue skin that has not seen the light of day and pupils that have reverted to a black color.

Bloodborne (5)

[Translation: Jack Griffiths]

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