PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne Will Combine New and Familiar Elements; More Development Details Shared

PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne Will Combine New and Familiar Elements; More Development Details Shared

The upcoming PS4 exclusive Bloodborne is bound to be often compared with its predecessors, Demon’s Souls and the Dark Souls series, but Game Director Hidetaka Miyazaki clarified that it’s being developed by a different team at From Software in an interview on 4Gamer:

It’s a quite different [Team]. The From Software of today has a lot more development resources, and it’s able to mix and match two so-called high end games. “Bloodborne” is one of them, and we were developing it in parallel with Dark Souls II.

Miyazaki-san was also asked if there was a change in mentality or in the scale of development, since Bloodborne has to compete with other AAA games on the world’s stage.

Well, it is difficult to say. As for “Bloodborne”, the development scale is now big in its own way, but on the other hand we still have habits that are strongly with us. Rather than it being conscious, it is something that feels natural, and at the same time, there are cases where the notion of a little “shifting the axis” is a result.

He then explained that whatever the project, the idea is still to make a good game, and something that can be defined special.

In the end, you can only seek the best way for the people who are making a game. “Bloodborne” and “Dark Souls II” are different and unique in this aspect. However here at From Software we work under the assumption that we’re making a “good game”, and there’s still the awareness that we want to make something special.
I think we refer to it as a habit, or it being “From-like”, although I think that there are many aspects to it, in the sense of something being “something special.” Are we even sure of what actually defines what “special” is? I don’t think it can be pin pointed. As to what I think special means, I hope special is the type of company we can be.

Miyazaki-san also expressed a sort of “mission statement,” that besides the fact that he’s working on a new generation of hardware and on a new game, is still the same as it has always been:

First of all we have a new hardware, and with that a new title. I think this game will become very challenging for us as we move forward.
But on the other hand, what’s at the base, for instance, is still an attempt to create a game that you as well as people who like games will enjoy, and an attempt to let you play a game that will provide a sense of accomplishment and a challenge. That’s what we have done so far, and has not changed at all.

He also mentioned that we can expect new things, but others will remain familiar for the fans of his games:

So, this is something that might sound convenient to say, but as for our audience, I’d like them to be excited about various new additions, while resting easy about other elements. I think we have accomplished something like that.

Unfortunately Miyazaki-san did not elaborate on what will remain familiar and what will evolve from the Souls games, but he concluded the interview by promising that both as the newly appointed President of From Software and as the Game Director of Bloodborne, he’s committed to making a good game.

Considering his track record, that’s definitely not hard to believe.

[Translation: Griffin Tatum, Dai Bowery]