PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne’s Director Talks About “Manageable” Difficulty, Lack of Classes and More

PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne’s Director Talks About “Manageable” Difficulty, Lack of Classes and More

The upcoming PS4 exclusive Bloodborne is right beyond the corner, and Game Director Hidetaka Miyazaki talked more about the game in an interview on the latest issue of Edge.

First of all, Miyazaki-san explained talked about dificulty:

What we’re trying to create is a game whose difficulty level is mangeable, not simply just challenging. That difficulty level, when it’s manageable, leads to a real sense of accomplishment for the player. It’s one of my biggest challenges.

He was also asked whether the turtling behind a shield often used by players as a tactic in previous Souls games frustrated him:

No, not at all. I love the defensive approach – That is why Demon’s Souls was designed like that. Just because we took a different approach to this time, it doesn’t mean that we disapprove the player keeping his shield up. I don’t get frustrated by any approach – except when someone is clearly trying to annoy others.

Miyazaki-san also commented on the lack of formal “classes” in the game:

Well, for example, there’s no clear “occupation” in Demon’s Souls [like in Dark Souls] – The class is defined by stats and equipment. This game has a character class system in a similar way. Depending on the stats and equipment, the personality of the character will be different.

Miyazaki-san also explained that the setting was decided according to a gameplay-related perspective.

The team wanted to introduce guns to alter the flow of battle and make it more active. They also intended to do “special things” with the guns that wouldn’t be possible in a shooter.

That’s why the Gothic setting and the era selected for the game fit the game well. Incidentally, we also learn that Bram Stoker’s Dracula was one of Miyazaki-san’s formative reading experiences as a child.

I don’t think anyone is really surprised by that.

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