PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne’s New Weapon Revealed: The “Greatsword of the Church”

PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne’s New Weapon Revealed: The “Greatsword of the Church”

The upcoming PS4 exclusive Bloodborne has one of its most relevant gameplay elements in its weapons. We’ve seen a few so far, but there are more, and one has just been revealed.

The Japanese website Dengeki Online published a small sample of the artbook coming with the Japanese limited edition, and it comes with a page showing the artwork of some of the game’s weapon, including a new one.


Identifying the sword, which is on the right side of the picture, requires some squinting. It’s called “教会の大剣,” which reads “Kyokai no Daiken,” and means “Greatsword of the Church” in Japanese.

The picture also includes a little mystery_ The sword is shown close to a thinner one, which is actually the blade that goes inside the Kirkhammer, as you can see in the picture below.


The way the new picture is set-up makes the thinner sword look like it’s connected to the Greatsword of the Church as well, and the handle is in fact identical. There is, though, a difference in the cross-guard (the thinner one has a curved cross-guard, the Greatsword of the Church has a straight one).

We’ll have to wait and see if there’s any meaning to that when the greatsword will be shown in action, and if showing the sword both wrapped in bandages and without them actually has any bearing to the game’s mechanics. It could be some kind of seal, but for now it’s hard to say.