PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne’s Patch 1.03 Includes Several Unlisted Changes, Fixes and Nerfs

on April 25, 2015 10:21 AM

Bloodborne‘s Patch 1.03 was released two days ago, and besides the changes included in the official patch notes, the new loading screens and the improvement to load times, it included quite a few unlisted changes.

Of course those did not escape the eagle eyed gamers  on Reddit, and below you can find a list of unlisted changes and fixed, thanks to user illusorywall.

  • The bug that reset custom body shapes after creating them has been fixed. Now you can make a hunter with any body shape and it won’t revert to default. Unfortunately the fix is not retroactive (source: Sentozero).
  • Several glitches that allowed to skip some areas have been removed: Forbidden woods skip, Shadows of Yharnam jump glitch, Father Gas stair visceral (source: awxvn).
  • The invisible floor under the elevator in the Cathedral Ward has now been removed and it’s a proper bottomless pit (source: TheHeroicOnion).
  • An exploit that allowed for infinite blood echoes collection by killing the dogs in Forbidden Woods and then going back to Iosefka’s clinic has been removed (source: yourwifeandkids).
  • Reloading the game does not cause lost Blood Echoes to disappear anymore. They will now be found on an enemy or in a pool on the ground (source: Opticability).
  • The bullet cost for the use of several items has been adjusted (source: VoidInsanity).
    • Hunter’s Bone now costs 5 bullets (down from 6).
    • Choir Bell now costs 8 bullets (down from 1o).
    • Cannon now costs 12 bullets (up from 10).

Looks like the cannon has especially received a rather sizable nerf due to the increased bullet use, but the fact that blood echoes won’t be lost anymore upon reloading the game and the fix to custom body shapes are quite the welcome changes.

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