PS4 Exclusive Deep Down: Capcom Wants Memorable and Charming Characters, Immersive World and More

on February 15, 2015 3:38 PM

The upcoming PS4 exclusive free to play action RPG Deep Down is still mostly an enigma. A playable version was available at Tokyo Game Show 2013, then the game dropped back into semi-limbo, with sporadig glimpses, screenshots and videos among months of silences and several delays of the Japanese beta, which still dosn’t have a firm release window.

Recently, Capcom Online Games renewed its career opportunities site, and it included several ads for the development of Deep Down, that give us a glimpse on what kind of experience the developer is aiming for.

GUI Designer

Understanding the specification of the system, the UI designers should be in compliance with the game concept and the view of the world, and an expression of the perfect functional beauty.

Effect Designer

The excitement of the game and the impression it gives are determined by numerous effects. Please express the image that you envision in the game.

3D CG Character Model Designer

Please create characters that the player can relate to, and that he will remember for a long time.

3D CG Background Designer 

Background designs that make the player feel immersed in the world. Using your past experience, please express the essence of gameplay directly connected with the game’s design.

2D Artwork Designer

Even if the design is innovative, if characters aren’t “charming,” the game can’t be enjoyed properly. Please convey entertainment from the point of view of 2D artwork.

Animation Designer

People, animals, monsters, etc… The behavior of each makes the game beautiful. Let’s deliver a more realistic and dynamic experience to the player.

Technical Artist

The game development environment directly determines the game’s quality. Let’s create development pipeline and applications to achieve the ideal environment.

Graphics Outsourcing Manager

From determining the schedule, to checking the quality and the progress of outsourced materials, you’ll be in charge of this kind of management. Please pave the first step of a new field of collaboration with other companies.


3D rendering and animation, also taking advantage fully of  professional experience in the network field, how can you take advantage of your ideas? We’re also looking for capabilities that go beyond technology!

Looks like Capcom is aiming to impress us with Deep Down, and what we’ve seen so far was definitely impressive. Hopefully, though, we won’t have to wait too long to be impressed. I’ve been waiting to put my greedy paws on this game for a long while, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

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