PS4 Exclusive Drawn To Death Gets Crazy New Art; David Jaffe Talks Visual Style and Comparison with TF2

on April 21, 2015 4:07 PM

Davd Jaffe and his team are keeping up the updates on the upcoming PS4 exclusive free to play arena shooter Drawn to Death, and today they posted some interesting new tidbits on the game.

First of all, Jaffe explained the philosophy behind the use of color in the game’s artwork, and in more recent updates:

“As for the pallet/color: we are still adding, removing, and changing the amount (and types) of colors in the game. It’s clear we went too white with the stuff we had at PSX and I’m hoping the screen shots we’ve put out since PSX (with a lot more color) make you feel we’re heading in the right direction. What do you think?

As for highlighters and different color pens, we are totally using those elements but only to a limit. It’s key for us that the Hand/Kid in the game come across like a normal kid with a backpack of normal school supplies. We don’t want to give the impression the Kid is a hard core art student who walks the halls with a satchel of charcoals and paints and exotic art supplies. Our rule has been if you believe it’s something an average kid would have in their backpack on any given day then it’s a tool we can use to help the visuals pop.

It’s a real challenge for sure. We need color but not too much color. We need clarity of our visuals but we never want to imply this kid is some kind of brilliant artist (or even an artist at all). Ideally we want the Kid to just come across as a normal, imaginative teen who has a little too much time on their hands and a fun, twisted, unique way of looking at the world.”

Jaffe also provided his point of view on the comparison between the game and Valve’s Team Fortress 2:

“Hey y’all- I personally like TF2 but I do agree that an apples to apples comparison is hard to make regarding the biz model. At least from my perspective. I have zero knowledge about the inner workings of that game or Valve so these are all just assumptions and may be totally off, but here’s why I think the games’ biz models are too diff to compare:

1. TF2 was already a box product game that made some/all of its production costs back before it even began life as a f2p title.

2. TF2 can be a loss leader as it brings many folks to Steam. In other words, it could be argued that its greatest financial value lies in Valve having more folks in its Steam ecosystem vs. how many items are being purchased for TF2.

Agree with Genysis that we are not looking for Drawn to Death to play like TF2. Again, I dig TF2 for MANY reasons- it’s a fantastic game. A classic,IMHO. But that game already exists and we’d very much like our game to feel like its own thing (for better or worse!!!!)”

Finally, he showcased a new prototype for a cosume for Diabla Tiajuana, which you can see below (alongside her normal design at the bottom). Since he asked for feedback, you can provide yours in this thread.

image_73 image_71

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