PS4 Exclusive Drawn to Death Gets New Art, Insulting Twitter Account; Developers Respond to Feedback

By Giuseppe Nelva

September 11, 2015

The upcoming free to play PS4 exclusive shooter Drawn to Death is currently in its second private access phase (and if you want to see what it looks like, you can check it out here), and we’re getting quite a lot of new info and goodies from the folks at The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency.

Game Director David Jaffe himself posted new artwork on Twitter, showcasing the upcoming Shark Girl character and some rather angry grenade. You can it below.

For a funny note of color, the hilariously insulting Drawn to Death Frog, who serves as a “tutorial instructor” in the game, got his own Twitter account. You can find it here, but check it out only if you can stomach some very colorful language.

That said, you might want to get used to him, because he does exactly the same in the game. Actually, he does worse.

Last, but most definitely not least, the team posted a rather large set of answer to the initial feedback to this testing phase on the official forums. Check it out below for a deep dive on what’s coming next and in the future for the game. Bring some coffee, because there’s a lot to take in.

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1) Streaming Drawn To Death- We’ve gotten a lot of requests to stream the game. We LOVE that so many folks want to stream Drawn To Death and we are awaiting word from Sony as to when we can pull the trigger on this. It should come any minute and as soon as we know we will let y’all know. Thanks for your patience!

2) Hard Time Finding A Match- Yeah, we know and we HATE this! The thing is, it’s only Private Access and not that many invites have gone out yet. It may make sense to change the game so Players can start a 4 Player fight with only 2 Players (and have Players 3 and 4 late join) but we want to hold off on the decision to make this change at least until PA3 (which will see a whole host of new Players as well as the full amount of invited PA2 Players). If at that point this is still an issue, we will look to address. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience and understand your frustration. We are feeling it too- nothing worse than going thru the trouble of loading up a game you are eager to play only to end up sitting in a lobby for 20 min. waiting to start. Really infuriating and we are aware, we are sorry, and we are on it. In the meantime, please try to login at 7:30PM PDT as we are encouraging people to play at that time so you’ll have a better chance of getting into a match!

3) Diabla’s Whip- This weapon ain’t working that great right now. Wanted to let you know we are aware. It misses way more than it should. Sunny- the amazingly talented programmer who is making many of the characters come to life- is on it!

4) Diabla’s Hat- Really hard to get return hits with this. We used to have a reticle that made lining up the return trip a lot more doable but we got rid of this. Turns out it was a stupid decision (yep, I made that really wise call! and we’ll be getting Diabla’s hat return reticle back in.

5) Going Back Into Training- In the final build- and maybe even before (i.e. PA3)- Players will be able to drop back into training to try out characters, weapons, use the shooting gallery, explore some of the hidden story elements in that level,etc. In fact, you’ll be able to test out almost everything in the game (weapons and character) in the training room after you’ve finished the initial tutorial. Right now the tutorial only lets you play with 8 or so weapons but at launch we’re aiming to have 20+ weapons, most of all you can test out in the post tutorial training room. We’re working on this feature now and hope to bring it to you very soon.

6) Is There A Party System- there will be for ranked 2 vs. 2 team mode, so yes, you will be able to invite a friend to play with you. Obviously for ranked Free For All we worry about letting you play with invited friends because of cheating. Do you agree this would be a problem? We are hoping to have an unranked version of Free For All (FFA) (and other non team modes) that you can Play with your friends/party. But at the moment, we can promise we will have party for Team Drawn To Death. This will be ready for game launch. Unranked mode may or may not make it for launch.

7) Is There A Narrator?- There will be. It’s planned and we’ll be starting on this for PA3. Should be there for the actual game launch. Not sure if we’ll be doing Narrator paks or not- what do you think?

8) Will This Have SplitScreen?- Not at launch. We really, really, really want Split Screen (ideally 2-4 local and MAYBE 2p online but the local has a better shot at getting done than the online split screen version). But right now, it’s not a launch feature but if the game does well and we have the resources we would LOVE to support some sort of split screen.

9) Cliffside is bland – Seen a few comments on this and we wanted to explain: Cliffside is what we are calling a ‘sketch level’, a level that the kid in class scribbled down but didn’t spend a lot of time on. The visual design for sketch levels will be improved when we ship but sketch levels will always be MUCH LESS visually designed than core/premium levels. This allows us to push frequent new maps out to Players. If we had to bring every map to the completion level of Alientown the game would have a lot less maps. And for us, having a steady stream of new maps (sometimes sketches, sometimes premium) is one of the key things that keep a shooter fresh. What do y’all think?

10) Certain Props In AlienTown Are Annoying- There are light poles and such that cause your projectiles to explode or be blocked. We will be looking at making these smaller prop objects not destroy your projectile as it flies thru them. But even if we don’t do this, we will fix the problem where Cyborgula is getting stuck on a lot of these props and outcroppings (in both levels); it’s super annoying and it’s GOTTA be fixed! Thanks for your patience!

11) Jump Momentum Being Killed- We’ve seen a few notes that jump momentum is killed when you race forward. We will look at this to see what’s going on. Anyone else seeing that?

12) Audio components for skins- Saw the request for this. Not sure if we can launch with this but we are looking into it.

13) More rotation when sprinting- We are going to look at giving the Player a bit more of an ability to steer/better turn rate as the Player sprints.

14) End Screens- We know the end screens are currently confusing. They are not done yet and should make much more sense- and be a lot more fun and compelling- for PA3.

15) Latency Can Be Baaaaaaaaad (Duh!!!- We’ve seen some games where folks have been hosting from overseas and they’ve had pings of 275+ which creates some horrific, horific lag and gives the host a hell of an advantage. We’re considering creating limits that will gate Players who have poor net connection and/or are so far away that it hurts the experience for other Players but we’re not sure yet. Just letting you know we are aware and there’s a possibility a fix for this- that limits folks outside of America- may be coming. The game will be in other territories but right now having multi regions in the same game could be giving us stats and data that are so affected by lag as to be unusable.

BUGS WE’RE AWARE OF (that were mentioned by y’all)

16) We are aware of a LOT more bugs too! But so those folks who posted on the forums know we saw their bugs (and thanks for that!- here’s what we got:

17) Bug on Alan’s switching to special and nothing happening

18) Screen Size Bugs (where HUD elements are going off that Player’s screen)

19) Black Market- By launch we will sort out black market confusion. The current build really doesn’t do anything to explain how/why it works and it wasn’t designed to. We’ll make sure the system is explained in detail when it’s ready for final ship.

20) Some missions not unlocking- looking at it. Things like Cyborgula’s ‘Tick Tick Boom!’ mission- along with a few other character missions- are not registering when Players perform actions that should move the Player closer to mission complete. We are on it!

21) Too Many Charge Up Weapons- Players don’t have access to all the weapons yet but that said, yes there are lots of mechanically heavy weapons (be it a charge up or a weapon with multiple stages like The Patriot Act). We are now working on a handful of more straight-forward weapons to sit alongside these more complex weapons. These straightforward – but still fun- weapons will be available most likely in PA3.

22) Holding fu47 trigger causes sound to quiet down when holding fire button

23) Cyborgula bat dash pull trigger over and over and over fast- is this a bug from the combo?

STUFF WE HAVE QUESTIONS FOR YOU ABOUT (based on your feedback)

24) Floaty Jumping- Seen some complaints about floaty jumps. After playing the game a bit, what do you think? Do the floating jumps add, take away, or you don’t have much of an opinion on the way the jumps are currently tuned?

25) Problem Areas Of The 2 Maps- Any specific areas of the 2 maps (AlienTown, Cliffside) that you think need changing? Any map areas you get confused by or hung up on? Either map have pick up layout issues that you’d like to see us address? Please, share your annoyances! Thanks!

26) TTK- So where we at with Time To Kill? Do enemies take too long to kill? Do they die too fast? Or is it just right?

27) Stamina Bar in wrong place?- A few people suggested we move the Stamina/Yellow Juice Bar as it’s too hard to see; too ‘out of sight/out of mind’. Do you agree? If so, where would you like to see it moved?

28) Should Sprint and/or Evade be unlimited?- A few posters suggested we don’t take yellow juice for sprinting and/or evading. Do you agree? We used to have sprint be free but honestly it was like watching jack rabbits hopped up on 5 Hour Energy, with a constant rush of Players buzzing all around. It was fun but it also felt less tactical/less think-y and it was frustrating trying to get a lock on an enemy. But it doesn’t mean we should not go down the road of making sprint (oe evade) cost nothing. What do y’all think?

29) Remove Some/All Of The Situational Awareness?- We saw a few complaints/suggestions about certain weapons and moves having visual cues (i.e. Johnny Savage’s circle on the ground showing off where his Punk Kick will land; Diabla’s hat showing arrows so you know where it’s going/coming from,etc.) as well as the circles that appear thru walls showing where enemy Players are. We’ve been calling this situational awareness and we’re curious if you like it or not. To us, this stuff is crucial in giving you a sense of what is happening all around you and thus giving you smarter intel that you can use to make choices in battle. Without it we find you are hunting for enemies and getting hit without any warning and no way to dodge/counter. However, these situational awareness tips come at the expense of surprise and asking the Player to be more immersed in the moment to moment situation of the battle. So there’s pros and cons. What do you think?

NOTE: The circles that appear thru walls appear- like Call Of Duty- only when the enemy has fired a weapon. After a few seconds the circle will fade. Just so you know how it works.

30) Should Alan Regen Health- Do you like this differentiating feature or do you think we should allow Alan to eat fast food and heal like the other characters.

31) The Hand Is OP- At least that’s what we hear. After having some time to play, do you still feel this way? At the moment there are 3 main ways we could bring its OP status down.

Option #1- Each Player can only use the Hand once/match.
Option #2- Each Player can use the hand 2 times- like we have now- but after
someone uses a hand there is a 30 second cooldown before ANYONE (not just the Player who last used the Hand) can call the Hand again.
Option #3- Leave the Hand as is but limit the fuel/time to ride the Hand when it
comes to the Hand machine gun attack.
Option #4- Don’t change a thing- the Hand is perfect!

32) Get Rid of Reloads on Assault Rifles- Someone posted that we should we get rid of reloads for all assault rifles. I didn’t fully understand the reason for this suggestion but I wanted to get it listed here. What do you think? Should we get rid of reloads on all weapons?!?

33) Do Maps Have Too Much Verticality?- 1-2 Players suggested the maps have too much verticality so it’s too easy to escape and hide. Do you agree? Should future levels still have vertical elements but be much less vertical than AlienTown and Cliffside?

34) Should Characters Have Different Hit Points/Run Speeds/Stamina Bars?- Right now characters have a lot of differentiating factors (specials, passives, moves) but the core values of each character (hit points, run speed, stamina bar drain speed) are all identical. Do you want each character to have unique settings for those values (i.e. Alan is slower but has more HP than Diabla ((who is faster)) )? Or do you like it the way it is?

35) Score/Point Logic For Cyborgula’s Explosion- Totally hearing folks on the point rules for Cyborgula’s explosion. So let us ask you, out of the 2 options below, which do you like the most?

a- Cyborgula explodes and dies and loses a point. IF Cyborgula kills someone with his
explosion he gets the point back so it’s a wash (this is how it should be working now).
b- Cyborgula explodes and dies and loses a point. IF Cyborgula kills someone else with
his explosion, the person who dies has a point taken away for Death but Cyborgula doesn’t get a point for the kill.

36) Splash Damage Too Small On Some Weapons- Is the splash damage too small on weapons like FISTER and QUADZOOKA? What do you think?

37) Sniper Rifle 1 Hit Kills- We don’t like the idea of 1 hit weapons (unless perhaps you are doing double damage or have a buff going via a coin or some such). This is why we chose to make headshots do 65hp of damage vs. 100hp. But we get this will be odd for some Players. Our question is: is this ok or is it just too weird/sniper rifles are meant to be one hit kill weapons? We saw someone suggest a charge up so you have to have it fully charged before it will do headshot damage (and perhaps the charge up makes a sound to let folks in area know they are being targeted)- But overall we are curious what you think about the current sniper damage. Thanks!

38) Trying Too Hard?- Do you think the names of the weapons sound like they are trying too hard to be funny and thus come off as stupid or like they want to be funny/clever but really are not?

39) Do Weapons/Hits Lack Power/Do You Get Satisfaction Out Of Shooting/Hitting Enemies?- One guy said weapons lack Ooomph- do you agree? Are y’all seeing blood and numbers come off enemies when you land shots? And if so is it just not enough of a fun/satisfying read that you landed the hit?


PA2 isn’t really meant to reflect the game’s economy. We gave out lots of War Tokens and Blood Diamonds because we wanted to get feedback on weapons and characters that a Player would not own right away. That said, still wanted to share some updates on the game’s economy. And note: the philosophies below are pretty solid for our launch day BUT specific numbers will probably adjust over the next few months. So take the specific numbers below with a grain of salt while understanding that the philosophy of the economy is what we plan on launching with.

40) War Token Payouts- the game will support daily missions and completing daily missions is where the lion’s share of War Token payouts will come from. We still might up the War Tokens you get/battle but we want to make sure the Daily Missions (called Extra Credit in Drawn To Death) are where you get most of your virtual currency from.

41) WT divisible by 5?- Someone online suggested a simpler system and we may explore this. Right now we are thinking that every weapon would cost 1000 War Tokens or 10 Blood Diamonds. 10 Blood Diamonds will cost Players $1.00 in real world money (again- that’s subject to change but it’s what we think at the moment). 1000 War Tokens will pretty much get you what 10 Blood Diamonds will get you so 1000 War Tokens=$1.00 and 1 War Token=.10cents. We were considering going with this so the match would be easy for Players but it creates a granularity that may make folks uncomfortable compared to using divisions of 5. So we’ll see- not set in stone yet. Just wanted you to know we saw the note and are looking at lots of options at the moment.

42) Black Market- Just a note that we saw Luigi1003’s question about Blood Diamond cost vs. Black Skull payouts and we wanted to explain the core philosophy for the system and see what you thought. So the idea is you have to have a Black Skull to buy things from the Black Market. You only get Black Skulls in a Black Market match and it cost 1000 War Tokens or 1 Blood Diamond to enter the match. You get at least 1 Black Skull for coming in last if you are playing a Black Market match and- obviously- more if you do better than last place. As the months go by we’ll add more exclusive items that you can only get from the Black Market (by spending Black Skulls). These items will not be better or more powerful than normal store items- just different/rare/cool. Depending on how well you do in the Black Market/Black Skull battles you will end up paying .30 centers-4 dollars of real world money for a weapon. So depending on your skill you will end up paying a lot less or a bit more than what a weapon costs in the normal store. So it’s a gamble that you risk some currency with the hope that you’ll play well enough to get some cool stuff from the store for super cheap.


43) We are going to try to get a patch out very soon (ideally in the next few days, but we’ve not been thru the patch process yet so it may be a bit later). MOST of this patch will consist of numerical tuning (although we may get in some other changes as well). We will be tuning more than the following but we wanted to at least give you a start of what we plan to tweak. When the patch hits we’ll show you all the tweaks we’ve made.

Cyborgula radius of explosion- tune it down; too big.
Cyborgula flying may need to take more stamina- may be too easy to fly all over at the moment
Tommy Gun- we wanna nerf it a bit. May reduce accuracy on the Aim Down Sites.
FU47- Needs a buff- too wimpy.
Vulcan Devil- Needs a bit of a tone down- it’s too brutal
Shaxe – The saw blades need to fire faster and do some more damage; as is it’s just not worth doing the mini game to get the paltry Shaxe Blade damage.
Damage Double Coin too fast to respawn? We want to add 30-75 seconds to its respawn timer
Goldgun needs to be a weapon EVERYONE races for/covets- but right now it comes off as pretty ‘meh’ so we’re gonna work on that.

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