PS4 Exclusive Drawn to Death Gets New Gameplay and Crazy Costume Art; Jaffe Asks If Killing Is Too Slow

PS4 Exclusive Drawn to Death Gets New Gameplay and Crazy Costume Art; Jaffe Asks If Killing Is Too Slow

Drawn to Death is shaping up to be rather insane, but probably the good kind of insane the gaming industry need more of. The development team is being definitely open in their dialogue with the fans, and we got some interesting treats from the game’s official forums.

First of all, the developer posted a new video, which you can see below, starring Game Director David Jaffe as he shows off some gameplay and asks the community if it takes too long to kill an enemy.

If you want to express your own opinion on the issue, you can find the thread here.

Jaffe also provided more insight in response to a user comment.

Great observation about COD:AW, where you can put in all the advanced moves in the world but if the window to use those moves is super tiny, it doesn’t really matter. I think that’s a way of putting it that I will use from now on when trying to explain how we want our game to play, if you don’t mind?

And yeah, we HOPE many Players pick up that Drawn To Death is a deeper moment to moment experience. We’re so glad this aspect of the game came thru for you! I think a big part of the challenge is that if you give someone a gun they’ve been so conditioned by playing so many other shooters where the gun is the best ways to take care of business that it simply doesn’t occur to them to try anything else. But to us we consider a basic gun like a normal punch in a fighting game: easy to use, does good complimentary damage when paired with other attacks but it’s not something you want to use exclusively.

Part of the challenge with play tests is that everyone is new to the game so unless you are tossed in with a semi-experienced Player who is taking enemies down faster/cooler by using some of the other moves (and thus showing off there is a reason to use other weapons) there is no way for the Player to know (unless we train them before hand- which we will) that using the base gun exclusively is not the best route. And thus those Players who gravitate to the basic guns get confused because the basic gun is not killing enemies at the speed they would like.

On top of that, we also got some tentative art for an alternate costume for the character Cyborgula. You can see it below alongside his basic look (below) for reference.



Jaffe asked if that kind of costume would be a compelling unlock or purchase, and you can provide your own feedback here.

I find it rather funny that Drawn to Death is basically the geometrical opposite of a game that would normally entice me, yet I feelĀ drawn to it, like a moth to a flame… Oh yeah. I totally went there.