PS4 Exclusive Driveclub Might Be Released on February the 22nd or Earlier

PS4 Exclusive Driveclub Might Be Released on February the 22nd or Earlier

After the delay of Driveclub to an unspecified “early 2014” release window, there has been no word on the actual release date of the game, but today Sony  Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia posted something quite interesting that could peg the game for a release on February the 22nd or even earlier.

On the PS4 Hub of the Japanese official site Sony Posted a notice that says “Here are the titles released at the same time as the console on February the 22nd, 2014!” You can see it below highlighted in blue.


The link goes to a search result on Sony’s website showing all the titles released in February, and indeed Driveclub is there, pegged for a February the 22nd release date with all the rest of the PS4 Japanese launch titles, as you can see below (the first listing is the digital download version, the second is the retail version).


As a further clincher the page dedicated to the game also lists Driveclub for a Japanese release on February the 22nd, as seen below.


If the info is correct, it most probably indicates that we can expect the game to be launched around the same date in the west, or even before. It’s unlikely for it to launch in Japan earlier than in the west, but it’s possible that it’ll still launch earlier here, like many other titles.

Of course it could also be an oversight (so this has to be considered a rumor until official confirmation is given), but it would be very strange for Sony to publish a notice specifically advertising the Japanese launch titles without double checking the data they’re providing.

We reached out to Sony Computer Entertainment for a clarification on the issue, and we’ll keep you updated if we get any useful information from them.