PS4 Exclusive Earth Defense Force 5 Gets Lots of New Screenshots: Air Raiders and Vehicles

Earth Defense Force 5 gets new screenshots showing how you'll be able to obliterate the alien invaders.

Today D3Publisher updated the official website of its upcoming sci-fi game Earth Defense Force 5 with a new batch of screenshots.

We get to see the airstrike soldiers “Air Raiders.” Their ability is to call in airstrikes on the enemy, while fighting side by side with infantry and artillery on the front line using heavy weapons. They can also request vehicle drops from air transports.

A civilian who was visiting the EDF base to repair a vehicle can also become an Air Raider, with the additional ability to pilot large vehicles.

The ability to request an air strike performed by tactical bombers allows an Air Raider to designate the entry area and approach vector of the bombers, which will accurately perform their attack run on the designated target.
By using a homing beacon, it’s possible to request the air drop of a self-propelled artillery tank from a DE 202 transport circling in the sky.

Air raiders can use sticky bombs that will attach themselves to the enemy and explode when the detonator is activated. They also have self-propelled robot bombs controlled by the AI, that will directly approach and attack targets.

Autonomous stag-beetle flying bombs are exactly what they say on the tin, they automatically fly towards the target and attach themselves to it, exploding as the detonator is remotely activated.

Air Riders can request a variety of vehicles, Combat Frame A, Combat Frame Firefly, Caliban Rescue Vehicle, and EMC.

Combat Frame A is a combat exoskeleton developed for urban warfare against terrorist groups. They can walk like human beings while protecting the whole body of the pilot. They can fly in short bursts thanks to a thrusters, and are equipped with a revolver cannon and a rocket gun. Various additional weapons can be mounted

The Firefly model is specialized in close combat, and comes with a Combat Burner and a two shoulder-mounted shotguns. They’re not suitable for long-range battles.

The Caliban rescue vehicle is an armored ambulance that can operate in hostile environments. It can be boarded by three soldiers, which will recover armor gradually while in the treatment compartment.

The EMC is a large-size vehicle equipped with electric shock artillery. They can generate hundreds of electric shocks per second to annihilate targets. They have a short range and consume huge amounts of power, but can obliterate whole buildings in an instant. However, they’re experimental weapons, and cost hundreds of millions to manufacture.

You can check out all the screenshots below, and also enjoy a recent trailer with English subtitles.

Earth Defense Force 5 will release in Japan this summer, exclusively for PS4. No western launch has been announced just yet.

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