PS4 Exclusive Fat Princess Adventures Adds New Difficulty Mode, Level Cap and Arena Map

on February 17, 2016 1:23 PM

Fat Princess Adventures has been enjoying a steady stream of post-launch content. Exactly a month ago, developer Fun Bits added a new social space and Arena mode to pad out the content. According to Fun Bits’ latest blog post, Fat Princess Adventures’ latest update will include a new Story Mode difficulty setting, Arena Mode map, and purchasable DLC.

The new Story Mode difficulty mode will turn gameplay up to eleven with Cakemare Difficulty. As you can imagine, enemies and bosses will hit harder and have higher health to really pose a challenge. To counteract this, Fun Bits has raised the players’ level cap to 30.

Additionally, a new map within Salt Mountains has been added to the Arena Mode. Arena Mode, the competitive head-on-head multiplayer mode, launched with only two maps, so a new addition was sorely needed.

Last, Fun Bits has added a new set of purchasable DLC to the fray, including Archer’s Broomstick and the Warrior’s Wargod’s Armor and more.

Fat Princess Adventures is available now exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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